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Dabstract-Chi-Town Diesel-Live Resin HTE Cartridge -.05


Chi-Town Diesel is a Sativa leaning Hybrid strain created by crossing AJ Sour Diesel x 3rd Coast

Panama Chunk x Amnesia Sour Diesel. This Live Resin HTE Vape Cart features dominant

terpenes of Limonene -Caryophyllene -Myrcene Terpinolene and -Humulene. Dabstracts

cartridges are formulated with Live Resin High Terpene Extract (HTE) and high potency distillate

preserving the natural terpenes of the plant for a flavorful live resin experience. Indulge in the

unique combination of citrus gas and herbal notes in this unique strain with Dabstracts Live Resin

HTE Vape Cart.

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About the brand :

Dabstract is the convergence of a fervent passion for cannabis people and science -- a brand that embodies marijuana concentrates at their best. Dabstract was founded upon and operates under four pillars: The People The Plant The Ethos The Planet. For the team cannabis is about people and providing accessto safe premium quality concentrates. Dabstract strives to empower individuals through the use of cannabis whether out of medical necessity or personal enjoyment.

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