Brand: SweetBuzz

SweetBuzz - Pink Sparks - Soy Milk - 100pc


Sweet Sparks

Fast-acting Cannabis-infused chocolatey candies

100 Candies 1 mg THC per serving

The more the merrier. And it doesnt get more merry than our fast-acting 100-count packs of Sweet Sparks

candy-coated chocolatey delights that add a burst of uplift to social get togethers. Designed for flexible

dosing these generous packs are ideal for sharingso go ahead and BYOSS (Bring Your Own Sweet Sparks)

to your next gathering. One two or a few Sweet Sparks are crafted to share the fun.

Why we made these: We believe your cannabis edibles should taste as good as they make you feel. Thats

why were proud to bring our deep experience as confectioners to life in Sweet Sparks our delicious line of

pop-able candy-coated sparks crafted to add a flexible dose of fun to times with friends.

So you know: This super-tasty product was produced in a facility that cultivates cannabis and may also

process common food allergens.


Net Weight 77 G 2.72 OZ

Amount Per Serving 5 cal. 1g carbs 4.2g sugar

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